a chat with studio one eighty nine


Uma wrote a piece for Globetrotter a while back, digging into the backstory and evolution of Studio One Eighty Nine, one of the most thoughtful fashion lines we've come across. Founded by Abrima Erwiah, a former Bottega Veneta communications exec, and her partner Rosario Dawson (yes, that one), Studio One Eighty Nine relies on traditional textiles and techniques in the creation of a brand that's thoroughly modern, and thoroughly artisan. They're proving - to those of us who are clearly a little behind the curve - that ethical fashion doesn't mean compromising on style. And in the case of Studio One Eighty, it might even mean upping your game. 

From the piece: 

There's something good, sustainable, even wise about respecting the value of what's come before in creativity and culture. Think, perhaps, of the old ways of dying indigo and shibori and batik patterns, the creation of natural textiles pulled from the ground in ways that are kind to the ground, the tracing of movements and evolutions of design and fashion across history. 

There are brands that embody and work for that respect, like Studio One Eighty Nine. Their mantra and motto? 

"Everything you do, from what you buy to how you dress, has an impact. We believe in the power of collaboration with artisanal communities and rising through fashion. Look good, feel good, and do good - that's as good as it gets." 

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