we are gold|dust

brilliance from brown girls

hi. welcome to all things golden. I’m so glad you're here. 

What's this? 
Simple, really. Once a month, a nice little letter in your inbox, with links pointing you to good women doing creative work around the world (with some original content very occasionally thrown in there for good measure). And for a very good chunk of the time, we'll be focusing on women (and more) of color. 

Soon: a collection of clean, hand-poured candles. A gorgeous coconut apricot wax mixed w/ Ayurvedic essential and aroma oils and a crackling wood wick. A little easy beauty, they make great gifts (for you too), and they’ll support this little endeavor. They’ll be showing up here soon, keep watch.
Why I’m doing it
I’m claiming a little more space for celebrating and uplifting the creative (and political) output of brown women, non-binary, and trans people. If you don't identify, I hope you'll still join me in that celebration.

I recognize the beauty and humanity in all kinds of people, and they'll slide in occasionally too. But the main purpose of these letters and this space is to connect and uplift this family, and gather some of their genius in one place.

Art uplifts and teaches and strengthens. Art that reflects us has an impact on social and emotional and psychological levels that the wider world is only now just starting to recognize. This is clearly more than just a moment for women of color: after the toil and bravery of so many women who came before us, our spaces are increasing, our voices are bigger. I’m so deeply satisfied, everyday, finding all these treasures that brown women are creating. So I’m capturing and curating a small slice of that in these monthly letters, and hopefully pushing it forward by sharing it with you. What a precious thing, to see yourself and your sisters reflected in the world.

On board? 
Hit the button below to get the goods in your inbox, one x month. I'll strive for pithiness and vibrance and fun, and above all, for the kind of representation and support that makes our hearts sing. 

Uma Ramiah