letter one.


brown girls are joyful and golden and creative and brilliant and we’re going to celebrate the shit out of that with gold|dust, okay? but for this first newsletter, we’re just pissed. and that’s ok. 2016 was a trash fire, 2017 is a trash fire burning atop a fast decaying nuclear dump. but we in particular have always know the world was this way. it's just showing its seams, now. and we're fighting fights everywhere, and we're winning them. we believe that. but we're still mad as hell. and we're over it. 

so for now, fuck everyone. this month, we're highlighting the brown girls fighting back as they always have (just more publicly, thank you very much), not putting up with any shit, and making people pay. 

without further ado: letter one. and make sure to tune in next month, when we get reaaaaaaaal joyful (that reads sarcastic but it's NOT). 

letter one: fuck everyone


... don't fuck with pink  
first, we're taking ourselves straight to India's Uttar Pradesh region to learn a little something from the Gulabi Gang, a group of Indian ass aunties so organized and unapologetic that they've managed to reclaim pink for thugs. we could not love them more for their vigilante moves, but we're also a little scared. because we all know you don't mess with Asian aunties. 

... and i need a wooden club
and speaking of, this here Nepalese woman ran one whole British bird off her mountain with a WOODEN CLUB for trying to bargain her down from a $1.50 cup of tea. don't do that. just don't do that. don't come to the middle of nowhere, where people are surviving where you couldn't, to take in their "ancient culture and mystic spirituality and clean ass air" with your very expensive hiking gear trying to steal 50 whole ass cents. 

... and "me too" is a decade old... 
with the rash of women coming out against Harvey Weinstein, we're feeling things. many things. it's a swell and a movement to be sure, but let's make it clear that a black woman - tarana burke - created that movement ten years ago. we stand on the shoulders of giants, even if our blind eyes refuse to recognize them. 

... and this is how you burn the patriarchy to the ground 

... and this is our mood: bad beti
this one c/o HYFN, one of our favorite creative collectives. they are, in their own words: "a movement to document the rising imagination within the brown culture." try to define us, we dare you. uma's watched this video maybe 3200 times and continues to be obsessed with the stars of the video, the toronto based brown girl artists hatecopy and babbu. you'll be seeing more from them here. and if you're rocked by these looks, recreate that bad beti makeup with artist jasmine lakhesar and others here

... and is cardi b a feminist? ya damn right... 
(ASAHI TO WRITE) and we've got ten reasons for you right heah. and yes, it just does something to us girls. it just does. 

... and "If the men find out we can shape shift they're going to tell the church."
just watch. sailor j's brain is on the next level. she'll be a star, soon enough. 

... and peel those eyes. we're coming at you again next month.
until then xx gdg

Uma Ramiah