coming soon: the glow/jars


A carefully-designed set of clean-burning, coconut-apricot creme candles, with just a touch of beeswax. Warmly, quietly luxurious. Mixed with Uma’s special blends of organic essential and aroma oils, with deference to Ayurvedic traditions, and a little surprise: a crackling wood wick. Hand poured into heavy-bottomed, 14 ounce, reusable rocks glasses. Preservative, petroleum, paraffin, phthalate, additive, artificial coloring + general icky-ness free.
A work in progress: available soon. Write with questions.


— 12 ounces and a 60+ hour burn time —

bone dry.jpg

w/ notes of Frankincense, Myrrh, Palo Santo

bone/dry moves like the wind.
she’s quick to love, full of energy, creativity, flexibility. don’t try to hold her down. she smells of a desert breeze, a little ancient, like incense blowing across cool temple stones. for your globetrotting daydreams, and most ethereal nights.

smoke show.jpg

w/ notes of Cedarwood, Vetiver, Cacao Powder

smoke/show smolders like a flame.
she’s all heat, powerful and determined, with a willful mind. don’t f**k with her. she smells of fields of woody grass, wise, like of a slice of dark chocolate melted over a fire. for your most purposeful daydreams, and wildest nights.

honey pot.jpg

w/ notes of Saffron, Tobacco, Vanilla, Cardamom

honey/pot grounds like the earth.
she’s luscious and velvety soft, loyal and calm, comforting like warm spiced milk. don’t hassle her. she smells of the creamiest ambrosias, lush and giving, of petals dried with a touch of smoke. for your most rooted daydreams, and coziest nights.

(pssst… are you Vata, Pitta, Kapha, a mix? Find your Ayurvedic dosha here)
(pssst pssst… glow/jars are a nod and tribute to each dosha, but designed for all)


candle studio logo.jpg

…. a one-woman, independent candle shop,
launched in September of 2018.

candle redo 7.jpeg

Candles make everything better, don’t they?

I love them. I always have. With their quiet warmth, luscious scents, and soft flickering light they’re such an easy way to elevate a mood, an atmosphere, a day or a night.

At least, that’s what they should be. So many candles on the market are a full on assault on the senses with overbearing, fake scents and nasty ingredients. I suffers from migraines tied to so many synthetic fragrances (not all, but many). I was frustrated, spending good (read: way too much) money on expensive candles only to find them aesthetically beautiful but just as headache inducing. So! Like a good, hardy frontierswoman, I turned to pouring my own.

I’ve been making candles for myself and friends for a few years now, while traveling the world, working as a journalist and an editor and everything in between. I have a serious soft spot for the most magical of substances: beeswax, and would mix the golden stuff with a little coconut oil and pure essential oils to make my little candles. They were such a comfort to me, cleansing the air, releasing good energy, making the world feel calm, even if for a few minutes. Self care in a jar.

I’ve just moved back to the US after a few years living and working in Southeast Asia, having reconnected to my own history and heritage through food, culture, weather and in particular, Indian Ayurvedic traditions (which are very much alive in Bali and elsewhere). I knew I wanted to write the gold/dust letters, and I knew I wanted to keep pouring candles.

I spent a few months in my parents’ basement (classic), reading and researching and digging, testing the science of waxes and wicks and pouring temperatures, learning more about aromatherapy and the Ayurvedic systems and doshas.

And here’s what I came up with, while looking for the best possible ingredients: a lush coconut-apricot creme, a sustainable, clean burning wax (wanted to give those precious bees a break). The earthy scents are inspired by powerful traditions from my heritage (Indian and Malaysian) and one of my favorite places (Bali). And I use these kick ass wooden wicks (forest-council certified) that extend the life of candles, and flicker beautifully when burned. It’s like a campfire in a glass. Each candle gets poured by hand into a heavy, 14 ounce rocks glass that glows when lit, and can be used over and over again (get your cocktail on).

I’m pouring my glow/jars with care, and working on getting them into your hands soon. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

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